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Puerto Rico is a unique Latin American country. Everything about it, from its geographic location to its history, is very peculiar. This is one of the reasons why so many foreign men looking for wives have their eyes set on Puerto Rico. Find out more about Puerto Rican women for marriage and how to go from an online romance to a happy marriage right now!

Why Are Puerto Rican Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

In the past few years, the number of Puerto Rican mail order brides, as well as the number of men who specifically look for Puerto Rican brides, has grown significantly. Here are just three reasons why this may have happened.

They are physically attractive

Everyone knows that tastes differ, but Puerto Rican women combine the features that most men in the world find attractive. Their sunkissed skin is flawlessly smooth, and their wavy hair instantly makes you think of the tropical paradise that is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican girls have strong facial features with plump, bright lips and dark eyebrows and eyelashes, which allows them to go out all natural when they want to. And we cannot praise the bodies of Puerto Rican brides enough: with the curves in the right places and not an ounce of fat out of place, they are perfectly balanced and look fabulous in any clothes.

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They are fascinating to be around

It’s not uncommon for Western men to think of Latin brides as undereducated women who are only good for their looks. However, that is a dangerous misconception when it comes to Puerto Rican women. These girls are brought up with a notion that intelligence is their greatest gift. They read a lot and love exploring the world around them. Plus, they are well-versed in modern culture and often have a string of interesting hobbies. As a result, you will love every second spent with your Puerto Rican woman and will learn just as much from her as she does from you.

You can tell all they want is a family

Puerto Rican girls are naturally flirty and you may mistakenly think they don’t care about anything in the world other than their own pleasure. However, after spending even the shortest amount of time with a Puerto Rican bride, you will realize that her one and only goal is a big, happy family that will always stay together, and she is prepared to do everything it takes to create and care for her dream family.

What Are Puerto Rican Wives Like?

You probably don’t need us to convince you that marrying a Puerto Rican bride is one of the best decisions you can make as a man. But what exactly can you expect from your marriage to a Puerto Rican wife?

They make the most nurturing mothers

Many Puerto Rican women grew up as the only children in the family, but they still have a natural gift for raising babies. They have a very strong maternal instinct and always know what’s best for their children. When you two decide to start a family and have a baby, you can rest assured your wife will focus 100% of her attention on the baby and you, while other things, including work and her friends, won’t matter for some time.

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They do their best to keep the spark alive

Puerto Rican women understand that a successful relationship needs constant work and even the strongest passion in a marriage can quickly fizzle out if the spouses don’t put any effort into their romance. When married to a Puerto Rican wife, you can expect her to be fully responsible for keeping the fire between you alive. Both in day-to-day life and on vacations or anniversaries, you will always be surprised by what she has in store for you.

They work their magic in the kitchen

A typical Puerto Rican woman can have lots of things in her calendar, from work and shopping to children and friends. However, the one thing she always draws inspiration from is cooking. A Puerto Rican wife doesn’t need any recipe books or TV shows to tell her what to do in the kitchen. She is a complete natural and her cooking is a true work of art. You will probably put on a few extra pounds in your first year of marriage to a Puerto Rican wife, and she will consider it to be the greatest compliment to her cooking.

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Why Are Puerto Rican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Many Puerto Rican women find happiness with local men and don’t even think about leaving their home country for marriage, but thousands of Puerto Rican brides move out of the country as mail order wives every year. So what exactly makes the beautiful, fiery Puerto Rican women sign up for dating sites as mail order brides?

The main reason for it is that they are ready to open a new chapter in their life. They have already spent around two decades in Puerto Rico, and now they are ready to see what else the world has in store for them. Plus, Puerto Rican women are known for having a certain weakness towards foreign men β€” they simply find them more attractive and better for marriage than their local men.

The Guide on Marrying a Puerto Rican Woman

Tips on dating a Puerto Rican girl

If you have never dated a Latina before, let alone been with a Puerto Rican girl, you may be lost when it comes to building your relationship. The good news is that it’s not that difficult as long as you follow these 5 tips.

  • Make an effort with your look. You can rest assured your Puerto Rican bride will spend hours preparing for the date, so the least you can do to meet her halfway is wear neat, modern clothes, a nice cologne, and pay special attention to your hair.
  • Get to know her social circle. There is a good chance your Puerto Rican girl relies on her friends for advice about her personal life. Getting to know her friends and charming them will definitely add a few points to your score.
  • Use your sense of humor. Puerto Rican girls are very light-hearted and love to laugh, so the quickest way to win their heart is to show off your humorous side. However, it shouldn’t be sarcastic or deadpan humor β€” leave those for later.
  • Go beyond boring restaurant dates. It’s fine to spend the first few dates at a restaurant or a bar, but you’ll need to step up your game if you want the relationship to succeed. For example, going to the beach to watch the sunset is a great way to spend a date.
  • Make sure you are on the same page. Sooner or later, you will need to discuss the important things in life: what you both expect from marriage, family, children, your careers, and so on. It’s only wise to continue the relationship if you agree about those major things.

Meeting Puerto Rican bride parents: 3 tips

In general, there is no need to worry before meeting any Latin American parents of your bride, as they are the warmest, most welcoming people you will ever get to know. However, if you want your first meeting to be a guaranteed success, make sure to remember the following.

  • Get ready for lots of affection. After you walk through the door for the first time, you will be likely hugged by the dad and kissed on the cheek by the mom. Puerto Ricans are very affectionate people and they will continue doing it, so you’ll have to reciprocate.
  • Avoid sensitive subjects. There are many subjects Puerto Rican parents would rather not discuss when they first meet you, including the relations between Puerto Rico and the US. Avoid them altogether to spare everyone the confusion.
  • Bring some gifts for everyone. One of the biggest mistakes of meeting your future Puerto Rican in-laws is coming to their home empty-handed. You can bring perfumes, accessories, or electronics, but you also should bring something for the table.
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Puerto Rican wedding customs and laws

Puerto Rican weddings are largely influenced by the Catholic tradition, as well as Latin beliefs and superstitions. However, there are also a few specific Puerto Rican wedding traditions to know about.

  • The bride always stands to your left. This is a tradition that dates back to the time when the groom had to hold his sword in his right hand to fight anyone who wanted to take his bride away.
  • The most colorful bouquet. Forget the boring pastels of Western wedding bouquets! Puerto Rican bridal bouquets heavily feature local flowers, especially orchids, and are truly a sight to behold. 
  • The bride’s twin in doll form. At the head of the table, there will be a doll β€” usually the size of a Barbie doll β€” dressed in the same way as the bride.
  • Arras. Arras, or a tray with 13 gold coins, will be first blessed by the priest and then handed to the groom, who, in turn, will hand it to the bride as a symbol of his willingness to provide for the family.
  • Saving the top tier of the cake. In the past, when the couple was expected to have their first-born by their first wedding anniversary, it was very common to freeze the top tier of the cake for that occasion. Now you don’t need to be in a rush, but it’s customary to have your first wedding anniversary cake to look exactly like the top tier of your wedding cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puerto Rican women closer in mentality to the US or Latin America?

This is actually one of the best things about Puerto Rican women: they are a wonderful and harmonious mix of both! Like Latin women, Puerto Rican brides are passionate and sensual, and like US women, Puerto Rican girls are intelligent and determined.

Will my Puerto Rican bride depend on me financially?

The majority of Puerto Rican mail order brides you meet online work to provide for themselves and often their families, but if you tell your Puerto Rican that she doesn’t need to work another day in her life, she will be more than happy to dedicate all that time to her family.

How can I be sure my Puerto Rican bride is not with me just for the money or a Green Card?

Because a Puerto Rican woman can be many things, but she is never a liar. When you are in a relationship with a Puerto Rican bride, the amount of passion and love she exudes is simply impossible to fake, so you shouldn’t have any doubts about her true intentions.