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Why Are Jamaican Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Compared to some other Latin mail order brides, Jamaican women are somewhat unknown, but thatโ€™s only because there are relatively fewer Jamaican brides than there are other Latin brides. However, Jamaican mail order brides are just as attractive and great for dating or marriage, and here are a few facts to prove it.

They look exotic and lovely

The appearance of a Jamaican mail order bride is a fascinating mix of different ethnicities and genetics. Jamaican women for marriage are closer to their African heritage than most other Latin brides, which is why their appearance has some distinctive African features โ€” namely, a deep skin tone, a wild curly mane, and a fabulous curvy body. Jamaican women look super natural and rarely put on striking makeup or alter their appearance. However, they are also no strangers to revealing, seductive clothing and will never miss a chance to turn everyoneโ€™s heads.

They live in the moment

The climate and overall vibe in Jamaica make it impossible to worry too much about anything or to be too busy to enjoy life. Jamaican girls are not the ones to constantly think about the future and plan their decisions several steps ahead. Instead, they learn to enjoy living starting from early childhood and this ability doesnโ€™t go anywhere. When you are together with a Jamaican bride, you will quickly learn how to unwind and be thankful about whatever happens, and thatโ€™s when you know you have mastered the Jamaican way of living.

They easily stay loyal to one man

For Western women, marriage is super important and they often donโ€™t consider their relationship to be exclusive or monogamous until there is a wedding ring on their finger. Jamaican mail order brides are a different story. Marriage is also important to them, but not as important as trust and loyalty in a relationship. Many Jamaican women stay in a relationship but not married for years, and they maintain loyalty to one man without any doubts.

What Are Jamaican Wives Like?

You can have a great time dating a Jamaican girl, but you can experience even more of her positive traits once she becomes your wife. The decision to marry a woman from a completely different part of the world is never an easy one, but these benefits of Jamaican wives will easily convince you.

They stay young inside and out

A Jamaican woman can be 40 or 50 years old but still look and feel like she is not a day older than 30. Jamaican women look youthful at any age, and their combination of genetics and a healthy lifestyle allows them to rock the same looks decades later. More importantly, Jamaican women know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. A Jamaican wife will make you fall in love with things you have never loved before, such as dancing and sunbathing, and your life will only get better from there.

They make wonderful mothers

Most Jamaican girls grow up in big households with multiple generations living under the same roof. That is why a typical Jamaican mail order bride, even when sheโ€™s only in her early 20s, already knows how to take care of the little ones. In addition to that, Jamaican women are naturally caring and affectionate. They instinctively find the right balance between care and freedom, which leads to their children growing up not only happy, but also confident and self-sufficient.

They enjoy working around the house

Jamaican families spend a lot of time at home and they pay great attention to the state of their houses. Jamaican wives will always find something at her family home that can be improved, so you will rarely find your Jamaican wife on the couch doing nothing. Whether itโ€™s cleaning, decorating, ironing, working in the garden, or cooking for the whole family, Jamaican wives certainly know how to make their home a better place for everyone.

Why Are Jamaican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

At first glance, Jamaica looks like a tropical paradise and a fantastic place to live with a relaxed vibe and time that seems to move slower. However, that first impression can be misleading and life in Jamaica, especially for young women, can be far less glamorous. Poverty, subpar quality of living, frequent natural disasters, limited education and work opportunities, and bad treatment from some local men are what drives young Jamaican women to become mail order brides.

They believe that by marrying a foreign man, they can finally achieve everything theyโ€™ve ever wanted in life. Still, the decision to become mail order brides is not purely pragmatic for Jamaican women. They also simply want romance and care in their personal life, and they are convinced that a Western man is more likely to give it to them.

The Guide on Marrying a Jamaican Woman

Tips on dating a Jamaican girl

The dating period is a great way for you to learn more about your Jamaican mail order bride and make the most important decision of whether you want to marry her. However, she will be doing the same, and here are a few dating tips that will help you impress your Jamaican woman right away.

  • Donโ€™t be afraid to take the lead. In a way, Jamaican girls are old-fashioned and prefer to play the second fiddle in a relationship. They love being consulted, but they also want you to be the primary decision-maker in the couple.
  • Accept her the way she is. A Jamaican woman may not be as highly educated, sophisticated, or demure as the women in your own country, but the last thing they want you to do is trying to change and upgrade them.
  • Show your ambitions. A Jamaican woman isnโ€™t specifically looking for a rich husband, but she needs to know that she and your future children can live comfortably. Even if you donโ€™t have much now, you need to prove you can achieve great things in the future.
  • Learn to let go. Western men are typically high-strung and unable to let their guard down even while being with a beautiful woman, but thatโ€™s exactly what you need to do when dating a Jamaican bride. She wants to see the real you, not someone you want her to see.
  • Make an effort to learn her better. Of course, you will have the whole life together with a Jamaican bride ahead of you, but you also need to make a real effort to uncover her personality, preferences, hopes, and even fears to build a strong relationship.

Meeting Jamaican bride parents: 3 tips

Jamaican women value the opinion of their parents very much and will likely want you to meet them as soon as possible. When getting ready for your meeting with the future Jamaican in-laws, use these tips to make a great first impression.

  • Bring something signature from your home country. Jamaicans love getting gifts, but they can always tell when you simply bought something on the way to their family home as opposed to gifts you brought from home and chose with care.
  • Impress them with your knowledge of Jamaica. Jamaican culture is very vibrant and multi-faceted, but the parents of your Jamaican bride will be definitely impressed if you show your familiarity with its most important aspects.
  • Assure them that their daughter is in good hands. As you can guess, the decision to let their daughter move out of the country for marriage is not an easy one for Jamaican parents. That is why you should do your best to convince them that you are a good match for their daughter.

Jamaican wedding customs and laws

A wedding is one of the happiest days in the life of a Jamaican family or even the whole village, but before you can celebrate your own nuptials with a Jamaican bride, here are a few traditions you should know about.

  • The wedding venue. When getting married in Jamaica, couples usually can choose between a church wedding and an outdoor wedding ceremony that typically takes place on the beach or even in the brideโ€™s back yard.
  • The community comes together. When a member of a Jamaican community is getting married, the whole community contributes. The members of the community will supply tools, equipment, food, and even a helping hand to arrange the ceremony.
  • Partying all night long. Jamaicans are not the kind of people to go home at 9 p.m. after a wedding reception. Instead, they will party until dawn and there will be lots of dancing, drinking, and toasting the newlyweds.
  • The wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake in Jamaica is a Jamaican black rum cake, made with dried fruits served in rum with an addition of burnt sugar. The cake is then elaborately decorated and often covered with lace to prevent the bride and the groom from seeing it beforehand.
  • Tun Tโ€™anks Sunday. Jamaican people love to have fun, which is why the wedding festivities donโ€™t stop after the reception. On Sunday after the wedding, the guests will arrive at the home of the newlyweds to party, eat, and drink even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jamaican women overly religious?

One of the important things to know about Jamaican mail order brides is that nearly all of them consider religion to be one of the essential aspects of their life. Jamaican women typically visit the church every Sunday and live by the religious principles. However, they are also very open-minded and if you donโ€™t belong to their religion, which is usually Protestantism, or are not religious at all, it shouldnโ€™t become a problem in your relationship.

Should I be worried about a language barrier?

Not at all! English is officially spoken in Jamaica and you can effectively communicate with your Jamaican mail order bride, especially when you are exchanging letters and messages. Getting used to the Jamaican Patois, the local English dialect, may take you a bit more time, but there wonโ€™t be any communication problems between you even on the first day.

How likely is my Jamaican wife to work after the wedding?

Jamaican mail order brides have a lot of advantages, but career ambitions are not one of them. Itโ€™s not very common for Jamaican wives to work even when living in Jamaica, as there are plenty of things to take care of the house, as well as children to be raised. However, if you can provide for the whole family on your own, soon you will learn to appreciate having a Jamaican lady as a stay-at-home wife.