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If you are thinking about marrying a Latin mail order bride, then Mexican brides are probably the first ones to enter your consciousness. We are convinced that it’s impossible for a man to be unhappy after he’s married a Mexican bride. Here is everything you need to know about the beautiful Mexican women for marriage.

Why Are Mexican Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

This is what makes Mexican girls so attractive to foreign guys looking for attractive and loyal women.

They are very good-looking

Mexican brides have an appearance that borders on exotic but still has enough familiar features for you to feel an instant attraction to them. Mexican girls are known for their manes of black sleek hair and their sunkissed skin. Their eyebrows and eyelashes are long and dark, and their lips are naturally plump and bright, which allows them to wear as little makeup as possible. Mexican women may not be as curvy as their Colombian or Brazilian counterparts, but their feminine figures are able to drive any guy crazy.

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They are easy-going

A relationship with a Mexican bride is not hard work like it is when you are dating a Western woman. A Mexican woman doesn’t need a lot of convincing to do anything. She will easily agree to go on a date with you, meet your family and friends, or go on a vacation after being together for a very short period of time. Mexican brides want to enjoy life to the fullest and they will not allow any prejudice or fake social norms to stop them from having fun and exploring a relationship with you.

They are humble and down-to-earth

A Mexican woman is not someone who will meet you with outlandish demands the second you ask her out. These women are not particularly interested in the material side of things. All they want is to love and be loved by the man of their dreams. As long as they have a bare minimum β€” where to live, what to eat, what to wear, and what to give to their children β€” they will be perfectly happy with what they have. They will be happy to get a nice gift from you, but your wealth will not be a deciding factor in their desire to continue the romance.

What Are Mexican Wives Like?

Now that you know how your relationship with a Mexican bride will probably play out, you probably also want to know what to expect from your marriage to a Mexican woman.

A Mexican wife cooks like a Michelin-star chef

Mexican girls grow up watching their female relatives cook delicacies from the most mundane and affordable products, and those experiences shape their cooking talent and attitude to cooking in general. A Mexican wife does not need a fridge full of exotic ingredients to whip up a delicious three-course meal after you come home from work. And even if your Mexican wife is also working, she will hardly ever want to share cooking duties with you.

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Your Mexican wife will always have your back

There are many situations in life where you just need a quiet embrace, a pat on the back, and a few words of encouragement. That is exactly what you can look forward to when you are married to a Mexican woman. These women consider supporting their husbands to be one of their main duties. They offer unconditional, no-questions-asked support, and sometimes, that’s all you need to make the right decision in your life or career.

There is no one better to have as the mother of your children

You can get a pretty good idea about what Mexican women are as mothers from the way they behave around their younger siblings. They not only know how to take care of the little ones, but will also surround them with enough love to last for a lifetime. Mexican wives seem to know the secret of raising happy children, and if you have wanted to start a family for a long time, you will never regret doing it with a Mexican wife.

Why Are Mexican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Many Mexican men are objectively good-looking and passionate, but the number of Mexican mail order brides continues to grow every year. So why do these women choose to look for their husbands overseas? There are three main reasons for that:

  • Life in Mexico, especially as a young unmarried woman, can be less than comfortable and even dangerous. Mexican mail order brides are simply looking to improve their living conditions and get a chance at a better life overseas.
  • There are many men in Mexico, but many of them prefer to move to the US and other countries in a search for higher-paying jobs and they are not always interested in taking their women with them. That is why there are lots of Mexican mail order brides who were once someone’s girlfriend or even fiancΓ©e.
  • Mexican women are full of love, but they don’t have anyone to share it with. Mexican men can be rude and don’t treat their women the way they should. By looking for foreign husbands, Mexican mail order brides hope to find a loving and polite man for themselves.

The Guide on Marrying a Mexican Woman

Tips on dating a Mexican girl

If you have any dating experience with local women, it’s going to come in handy when you are in a relationship with a Mexican woman. However, there are also some Mexican dating peculiarities you need to be informed about.

  • Look out for her signals. A Mexican woman almost never makes the first step, but she always lets you know she is interested. If she smiles or looks at you coyly, or sends you a smiley face online, consider it to be a signal to make the first move.
  • Invest some effort into your look. A typical Mexican girl cares about her looks a lot and can spend an hour getting prepared. She obviously doesn’t expect the same from you, but she will be delighted you made at least some effort to look good for her.
  • Prove you are a serious and mature man. Fun and jokes are great at the early stages of the relationship, but at the end of the day, your Mexican girlfriend needs to know she’s not wasting her time. Mention your serious intentions and act with confidence.
  • Enjoy some experiences together. The best way to create a strong bond with a Mexican girl is to go beyond the standard restaurant dinners. Trying extreme hobbies, themed parties, or short vacations will get you closer to each other fast.
  • Don’t expect her to pay for stuff. Mexican women are not the biggest fans of the feminist agenda and they will never offer to split the check for dinner. At least at the beginning of the relationship, you are expected to cover all the expenses.
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Meeting Mexican bride parents: 3 tips

Even if you and your Mexican mail order bride are the most modern-thinking people in the world, you will still need to visit her parents prior to the engagement and ask for their blessing. Here is how to correctly behave yourself when meeting your future Mexican in-laws for the first time.

  • Don’t refuse any food you are offered. The parents of your Mexican woman will try to impress you with snacks, main dishes, desserts, and both alcoholic and soft drinks. Refusing the treats is considered to be rude, so you will need to get a taste of everything.
  • Come with gifts for everyone. Mexican people love gifts, but it shouldn’t be a generic box of chocolates for the mom or a bottle of tequila for the dad. Ask your Mexican bride what they really want and love and prepare your gifts accordingly.
  • Be prepared to laugh and dance. There is a 99% chance your first visit to your Mexican in-laws will turn into a big celebration. Join in on the dancing, laugh at the jokes, and prove yourself to be a fun, light-hearted individual.

Mexican wedding customs and laws

When you are getting ready to marry your Mexican bride, she will probably take over most of the planning duties, but you still need to come to your own wedding prepared. Here are the most important Mexican wedding traditions to know about.

  • Padrinos y madrinas. Before the wedding, you and your bride will select a man and a woman who will be the godfather and godmother of your wedding. This is a very important symbolic role, but these people will also have certain practical functions and will even pay for some aspects of the wedding.
  • Mass wedding. Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country and weddings there are understandably heavily influenced by Catholicism, even more than the wedding ceremonies in other Latin countries. The ceremony will take place during the mass and will have lots of other religious elements.
  • 13 gold coins. At one point, your padrino will hand you a tray with 13 gold coins that will be blessed by the priest. Then you will give the coins to your bride as a symbol of financial prosperity in marriage.
  • Wedding lasso. During the ceremony, the godfather and godmother will wrap a string of flowers and beads around you and the bride to form figure 8. This is done to symbolize your unity in marriage.
  • A feast to die for. After the religious ceremony, everyone will move on to the reception, and while there will be plenty of singing, dancing, and celebrating the newlyweds, the central element of the reception is the tables full of all the foods you can think of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mexican women become mail order brides just for the money?

One of the most common misconceptions about Mexican mail order brides is that they only marry men for the money, Green Cards, and other material perks. However, while that may have been partially true in the past, modern Mexican mail order brides only to it for love and for a chance of a better life.

Is the appearance of Mexican brides all natural?

Cosmetic surgery is famously popular and surprisingly affordable in South and Central America, but Mexican brides seem immune to this craze. Their curves, plump lips, and flawlessly fit stomachs are a product of good genes and self-improvement, not a plastic surgeon’s talent.

Do Mexican brides continue to flirt with other men while married?

A flirty nature is one of the first things you notice about Mexican women when meeting them. Mexican girls are aware of the effect they have on men and they are not afraid to use their charms. However, that only lasts until a Mexican bride selects her husband and enters a committed relationship. Once that happens, all of her flirting will only be directed at one lucky man.