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Guatemala is a picturesque country washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It attracts some tourists with its wonderful nature and, of course, beautiful local women. Many men from other countries fall in love with them but are these ladies really worth it? Do they make good girlfriends and wives for foreigners? Where to find and how to date them? Find out the answers to all these questions from this guide!

What Are Guatemalan Women Like?

They Are Exotically Beautiful

Guatemalan ladies have a unique and rather attractive appearance. Men from all over the world consider the following features the most beautiful about them:

  • Expressive eyes. These girls’ large dark eyes are irresistible. Sometimes, even one look into them makes men fall in love.
  • Long hair. It is considered a sign of femininity and beauty in this country. Long shiny dark hair looks resplendent and makes pretty Guatemalan women eye-catching.
  • Tan skin. Its specific tone is quite admirable. Beautiful Guatemalan girls look every day as if they have just visited a solarium.
  • Hot body with large breasts and wide hips. This is the most seductive and delightful feature of these exotic ladies. They have attractive curves that drive men crazy.

Guatemalan Girls Optimistic

There is nothing that can make a lady from this country lose heart. These women keep being positive even despite the hardships they face in their lives. Furthermore, they have a great sense of humor, which makes communication with them fun.

Guatemalan Women Are Polite And Soft-Spoken

Girls from this country have good manners and never do the things that irritate or offend others. They don’t tend to be brazen or too self-assured. Moreover, they are respectful towards men because they consider them to be leaders, adhering to traditional gender roles.

Guatemalan Ladies Are Feminine

Since traditional gender roles are relevant in this country, women have the features that true ladies are expected to have:

  • Gentleness and affection. Women of Guatemala are tender and loving towards their life partners.
  • Compassion. They are ready to comfort their beloved ones whenever they are sad.
  • Thoughtfulness. They constantly take care of the comfort and happiness of their closest ones.
  • Compliance. Guatemalan women don’t strive for leadership in relationships and family. They believe that a man should be a leader, but not a woman.
  • Modesty. Guatemalan girls are well-mannered, reserved, and sensible, which attracts men who look for future wives.

Guatemalan Women Are Sociable

Social connections mean a lot to ladies from Guatemala. They can’t stand loneliness and always need to feel desired and beloved. That is why they usually have many friends and seek to find reliable life partners.

What Are Guatemalan Wives Like?

Is it worth looking for Guatemalan women for marriage? Here are the main advantages of wives from this country.

Guatemalan Wives Are Compliant And Respectful

These women believe that the husband is the head of the family. Therefore, they are not inclined to be bossy and don’t tend to quarrel. Wives from this country adhere to the opinion of their husbands and don’t challenge their decisions.

Guatemalan Women Are Ideal Housewives And Mothers

The housekeeping skills of these ladies are excellent. They are great at cooking, cleaning, and other things that are needed to keep their homes cozy and every family member β€” comfortable and happy.

Moreover, they are very loving and caring mothers, who are very thoughtful and benevolent towards their children. Guatemalan women do everything possible for their kids to be happy and healthy. Additionally, they take care of them having a good education. Furthermore, they cultivate good manners in them.

Guatemalan Wives Are Respectful

It is customary for women in Guatemala to respect their husbands, parents, and parents-in-law very much. They never do anything against their opinion. Also, they avoid doing things that may offend them.

Guatemalan Wives Are Active, Sociable, And Hospitable

These women don’t like boredom and monotony. Therefore, family life with them never turns into a dull routine. Guatemalan girls always find ways to spend leisure time together with the whole family in an interesting way. Also, they are excellent at organizing family celebrations and do this rather frequently.

What Kind of Men Do Guatemalan Ladies Like?

These girls don’t judge men by their age, nationality, or physical features. Other characteristics matter to them. The majority of women believe that the ideal man is:

  • Financially stable. This is essential for Guatemalan brides not because money matters more than love to them. In fact, this is because of traditional family values that are customary in their home country. According to them, the husband is the head of a family who must provide for his wife and kids. So, Guatemalan girls pay attention to the financial stability of men while looking for their future spouses.
  • Well-educated. Good education is very prestigious in Guatemala. It is considered a sign of high social status, intelligence, and purposefulness. Guatemalan brides are fond of well-educated men. Thus, if you have a university degree, your odds of winning the heart of a beautiful and decent Guatemalan lady are doubled compared to men who have only secondary education.
  • Responsible. This is very important because Guatemalan women assess men as future heads of their families. Responsibility is a must for being able to take major decisions and earn enough money to provide for the family.

Where to Meet Guatemalan Girls Offline?

The largest number of women of this nationality can be found in their home country. If you are an avid traveler who is fond of exploring new places, you will never regret visiting Guatemala. In addition to hot Guatemalan women, you can admire fascinating nature and enjoy wonderful beaches there.

What City to Choose?

As for the choice of the city, the recommended options are:

  • Guatemala City β€” the capital of this picturesque country. The main advantage is that this is the most populated city. Almost a million people live there, and about half of them are women. But the disadvantage is that there is no sea or ocean in this city. So, if you want to combine dating Guatemalan girls with having a good rest, this is not the best option for you.
  • Monterrico β€” the most popular resort city in this country. It is located at the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and it is famous for its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful beach, and big turtles that can be seen there. And also, it is a great choice for those who are looking for a foreign bride because this resort is very popular not only with tourists but also with locals.

Where Exactly to Go?

If you are a fan of parties, visit a local nightclub. You will definitely find a lot of gorgeous Guatemalan chicks there. The best places of this kind in Guatemala City are The Secret Garden, The Box Lounge Groove, and The Palms. The best option in Monterrico is Osmosis Disco & Bar.

If you prefer a healthy lifestyle and don’t like staying awake at night, meet beautiful Guatemalan girls in the parks of Guatemala City, such as Guatemala City Central Park or San SebastiΓ‘n Park, or get acquainted with sexy Guatemalan women right at the beach at Monterrico.

Where to Meet Guatemalan Women Online?

Going to Guatemala is not for everyone because it takes much time and requires being kind of adventurous. If you are always busy in your hometown and are not risky enough to go so far away in search of your future wife, specialized international dating sites can help you.

There are some online platforms that aim at bringing Western men and exotic Latin girls together on the Internet. There, you will find hundreds of Guatemalan mail order brides who are eager to meet their foreign husbands. These websites verify all the new members, so there are only real women who want to start serious relationships there.

4 Useful Tips on Dating a Guatemalan Woman

These recommendations will help you win and save love with the foreign girl of your dream:

  1. Take initiative. Women from this country expect men to be proactive because it is required by traditional gender roles. So, don’t be afraid to take the first step.
  2. Show serious intentions. The majority of Guatemalan women are family-oriented and are looking for serious relationships. Tell the lady you like about your serious intentions for her to be sure that she is not wasting her time.
  3. Never let her feel alone. Guatemalan girls need to feel beloved all the time. Therefore, never forget to write to your beloved lady or call her.
  4. Prove that you can make a good family head. Show that you are financially stable and prove your well-being by giving presents to a girl or helping her financially if she needs this.


What Language Do Guatemalan Women Speak?

Their native language is Spanish.

How Many Children Do Guatemalan Women Usually Have?

It is typical of them to have 2-3 kids.

What is the Mean Age of Guatemalan Brides?

It is customary in this country to start a family quite early. Girls start looking for future husbands as soon as they turn 18. And they tie the knot at 19-25 years old.