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For millions of people around the world, the Dominican Republic needs no introduction. This tiny country is known as the tropical paradise and is the go-to vacation destination for people from every corner of the globe. However, there is one more aspect of the Dominican Republic that is worth researching, and it’s the fabulous Dominican mail order brides. Here is your complete guide to Dominican women for marriage!

Why Are Dominican Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

You cannot visit a Latin American mail order bride site without seeing lots of attractive Dominican brides, who, by the way, don’t stay single for too long! Here is what makes Dominican mail order brides so hard to resist.

They are gorgeous beyond belief

Dominican women are some of the most exotic Latin brides you will ever find, but it all works in their favor. Dominican brides are usually medium to dark-skinned and their hair can be all shades of brown and black, although some Dominican girls prefer to dye their hair in lighter colors to create a nice contrast with their skin.

Dominican women are fit yet curvy, which is a combination that can drive any man crazy. Dominican women are more than aware of their effect on men and they love highlighting their flawless figures with tight dresses, short skirts, tiny shorts, and crop tops. Overall, it’s clear that Dominican brides invest a lot of time and effort into their look.

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Their focus is family

No matter how gorgeous and flirty a Dominican bride can be, her one and only priority is to have a big and happy family. Dominican mail order brides can come from all walks of life; they can have different backgrounds and family situations, but deep down at their hearts, they know that their true calling is family. That is why a Dominican bride will never put career or social life over family on her list of priorities.

They are intelligent and fun to be around

Dominican girls may not be the most classically educated women you have ever met, but that is simply due to the lack of formal education opportunities in the country. Instead, many Dominican brides are self-described bookworms and spend their free time learning new things, which means you will always find something to discuss with a Dominican bride. Moreover, Dominican women have a fun, light-hearted nature and you will feel completely at ease even when talking to your Dominican bride for the first time.

What Are Dominican Wives Like?

There are some traits that are obvious from the first time you meet your Dominican mail order bride, but there are also some qualities you can only experience in marriage.

You will have 100% of her attention

A Dominican wife is someone who will drop anything she’s doing to help you. You will never find your wife talking on the phone for hours when you arrive home from work. From the moment you are finally home, you will be taken care of by your loving wife. At the same time, she doesn’t want to lose her sense of self, so she will try to keep some hobbies and social life, but family will always come first for her.

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A Dominican wife is born to be a mother

Many Dominican women come from multiple-children households and from a very young age, they know they want to become mothers. They won’t rush you into anything or nag about their desire to become mothers, but you should know that nothing will make them happier than starting a family with you by having one or two adorable mixed-race kids who will look just like a copy of the two of you.

Your home will become a better place once your Dominican wife moves in

A Dominican woman may work, have a dozen of friends, or be involved in several charities, but all of those things will never stand between her and her household duties. A Dominican wife will never even call them a chore β€” to her, cleaning, ironing, washing the dishes, and especially cooking are simply a few more ways to show her love, care, and devotion to the family.

Why Are Dominican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful country to visit for a couple of weeks or even to live for a few months if you are a freelancer. However, the life of a woman born in the Dominican Republic is nothing like those travel pamphlets you see in travel offices. Most Dominican women can only count on low-paying jobs and partners who treat them way worse than the Dominican ladies deserve.

These are the primary reasons Dominican women decide to become mail order brides. They believe that marrying a foreign man will make them feel loved, appreciated, and will give them a fresh start in life. And this is exactly what is going to happen if you marry a Dominican mail order bride. In return, she will shower you with just enough love and passion you can handle.

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The Guide on Marrying a Dominican Woman

Tips on dating a Dominican girl

Dominican women are relaxed and laid-back, and they transfer the same attitude to every relationship they have. It means that dating a Dominican woman is not complicated at all, but here is what you can do to make that special time in your life even better.

  • Invest some effort into your look. A Dominican woman will never leave her home without extensive preparations, and while she doesn’t expect you to spend hours trying to look presentable, you need to at least show some effort when it comes to your clothes and hair.
  • Behave like a perfect gentleman. The Dominican Republic and its female citizens are far from the ideas of feminism and Dominican women still want to see a Prince Charming by their side. But no toxic masculinity β€” it can quickly ruin the romance.
  • Demonstrate your family values. A Dominican girl hates to waste her time on a relationship that is not going anywhere. She wants to know that ultimately, you want the same things in life as you, which is a big and happy family.
  • Try some unusual date ideas. Your first few meetings may be classic restaurant or bar dates, but if things go well, you can try something more unique and thrilling. Luckily, the Dominican Republic offers plenty of opportunities to have a good time.
  • Choose a reasonable relationship pace. Dominican brides can be easily scared away if you propose marriage after the first three dates, but they also cannot stand when men take too long to propose. Ideally, it shouldn’t be more than a year between your first meeting and the wedding date.

Meeting Dominican bride parents: 3 tips

Few meetings in your life will be as important as meeting the parents of your Dominican bride for the first time. We can happily assure you that it’s very easy to get them to love you, and here are three tips for making your first meeting even better.

  • Use Spanish in your talking. You probably won’t have enough time to learn Spanish even at the basic level before the meeting, but all you really need is 5 to 10 common phrases that you will use in your speech at the most crucial moments.
  • Prepare for the affection. Dominicans are very affectionate people and you can instantly tell whether they like you or not by the way they address you, hug you, and kiss you on the cheek.
  • Avoid sensitive subjects. There are plenty of things you can discuss with your future Dominican in-laws, from tourism to movies, but politics and sensitive social subjects like gender equality and LGBT rights should not be among them.
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Dominican wedding customs and laws

Most Dominican brides are devout Catholics, so your wedding will likely take place at a church and share a lot of customs with the Catholic weddings you may have already attended in your lifetime. Still, there are a few specifically Dominican wedding traditions you also need to be prepared for.

  • Padrinos and madrinas. The godfather and godmother are two very important figures at a Dominican wedding. Usually, they are chosen among the closest family members and perform a number of essential functions, including signing the marriage license.
  • 13 gold coins. At some point during the ceremony, a young male guest of the wedding will hand a tray with 13 gold coins, or Arras, to the priest, who will bless it and give the coins to the groom, who will, in turn, give them to the bride as a symbol of wealth in marriage.
  • Cantada ceremony. At a Dominican wedding, all music is performed live. And it’s not just a live band you hire to perform instrumental versions of your favorite songs and sometimes sing a song or two. Cantada means all guests will take turns to perform songs for the musical background of the party.
  • Get your dancing shoes on. A Dominican wedding reception cannot be imagined without dancing. Even if you are not much of a dancer, you will still need to take part in the traditional Merengue dance, as well as dance with your new wife.
  • La hora loca. La hora loca, or the Crazy Hour, is a unique Latin American wedding tradition that takes place around midnight. At this point, you may invite hired dancers to join the party, hand your guests party decorations, and let everyone go insane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a language barrier with Dominican brides?

The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, and the percentage of Dominican people who speak decent English is rather low. The good news is that most young Dominican girls belong to the group of Dominican citizens who speak English: they either learn it at private schools, from watching Western movies and shows, or from working in the hospitality industry.

Do Dominican brides mind an age gap?

Not at all! In fact, you will rarely see a Dominican bride being together with a man of her own age. Dominican girls prefer their men to be at least a decade older. They consider themselves to be mature for their age and want someone equal by their side. A successful Western gentleman in his forties or fifties, the one who has seen the world and is now ready to settle down, is the ideal marriage candidate for a Dominican bride.

Are Dominican women attached to their families?

Yes, most young Dominican women are inseparable from their families. They usually find it very hard to leave their parents, siblings, and grandparents in the Dominican Republic and go to live with their husband in another country. However, your Dominican wife will always be happy when you invite her family to stay with you or buy her tickets to visit her Dominican family.