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Peru is a standout South American country. We mostly know Peru for its fascinating historical landmarks and gorgeous nature. However, lately, men from all around the world have started paying close attention to Peru for another reason β€” the country’s beautiful and lovable mail order brides. Is a Peru bride the right choice for you? Find out from our guide to Peruvian women for marriage!

Why Are Peru Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Peru is not the most populated country in Latin America, but it can definitely compete in the number of mail order brides with some of the biggest countries on the continent. So what exactly makes Peruvian mail order brides such a popular choice for marriage?

They always look their best

Women in Peru are blessed with a genetic diversity that gives them different but equally appealing features. They typically have long and dark hair, caramel-colored skin, and piercing dark eyes. Peruvian brides are usually not tall, but they have athletic and curvy figures that look even more appealing thanks to the signature fashion sense of Peruvian girls. What’s even more important is that a Peru bride always makes an effort to look presentable and will never leave her home looking dishevelled.

They have a lighthearted attitude

We don’t know if it’s thanks to the coastal way of living or due to some other factors, but Peruvian women have some of the most relaxed and carefree views on life among all South American brides. They obviously think about the future and want the best for themselves and their future children, but they also know how to enjoy life there and then. A Peru bride will never ruin your day with constant complaints and outlandish demands, which means you will always feel comfortable with her.

They are great to be around

Peruvian brides are much more educated than you probably expect. They enjoy studying and while not all of them may have a degree, they are more than well-versed in various aspects of knowledge. That is why every discussion with your Peruvian bride is guaranteed to be thrilling and stimulating. Women in Peru are also famed for their sense of humor and their ability to get along well with everyone, which is why you can introduce them to anyone from your social circle and be confident they will instantly hit it off.

What Are Peruvian Wives Like?

Marrying a foreign bride is undoubtedly a serious decision, but when it comes to Peruvian wives and their many amazing qualities, you won’t need twice before taking that big step.

They anticipate your needs

Peru wives are naturally very attentive and they know exactly how to keep you happy in a relationship. Whether it’s the most mundane thing like what you want for breakfast, or something as major as taking a long-awaited vacation, a Peru wife will always know what’s best for you and won’t hesitate to make your dreams a reality.

They make the most caring mothers

It will take you just a few minutes of watching your Peruvian wife and her completely natural, warm attitude towards the children in the family to make you want to have your own children with her. It seems like the women in Peru are gifted not only with knowledge of how to take care of the kids, but also the most nurturing and effective style of parenting.

They take pride in their cooking skills

You will hardly find a Peru wife that is completely indifferent towards cooking. Peruvian brides treat food not just as a means of sustenance, but as another way to take care of the people they love. At first, you will get treated to lots of scrumptious Peruvian delicacies, but then, as your wife learns more about your tastes and your favorite things to eat, she will often surprise you with your personal foods prepared with love.

Why Are Peruvian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Peruvian people are fortunate enough to have an acceptable quality of living, which is why marriage to a foreigner isn’t a matter of survival for Peru women like it is for many other foreign mail order brides. It’s more of a combination of their obvious love for foreign men and their lively minds that make them want to explore opportunities outside of their home country. Many Peruvian women find happiness with local men, but the number of girls who decide to become mail order brides and look for their foreign Prince Charming continues to grow, which is great news for anyone interested in marrying a Peru bride.

The Guide on Marrying a Peruvian Woman

Tips on dating a Peru girl

If you are about to date a beautiful Peru girl, we can only congratulate you, because this experience will definitely prove to be one of the best things that have ever happened to you. To make your romance even more successful and more likely to end in a happy marriage, here are some tips that will help.

  • Become the leader. A Peruvian bride will never compete for a leadership position when she is in a relationship with a man. She expects you to make all the major decisions, including where to go on a date.
  • Express your interest in her culture. Women in Peru are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage and they know they live in one of the most fascinating Latin countries. Make sure to come prepared with the knowledge and ask her lots of questions.
  • Never disrespect her. A Peruvian mail order bride doesn’t have a lot of requirements for her future husband, but she always demands respect. Be careful about what you say and don’t make any crude jokes.
  • Share her lifestyle. Women in Peru prefer to lead an active lifestyle, and while your lady may be fine with one or two classic restaurant dates, soon she will want to experience something new with you, so get extra creative about your dates.
  • Ask her to introduce you to her family and friends. If your relationship gets serious, it will happen sooner or later, but being proactive and meeting her closest people will win you extra points and show your serious attitude.

Meeting Peru bride parents: 3 tips

Even if it’s not your first time meeting the parents of your romantic partner, it can be still very stressful when you want to make a good impression. The opinion of her parents will matter a lot to your Peruvian bride, and here are 3 ways to get them to like you:

  • Be as informal as they want you to be. Most older people in Peru will be frustrated when you address them as Mr. and Mrs. with their last name. They will insist on being called by their first name, and there will be lots of hugging and kissing, even on the first meeting.
  • Don’t arrive empty-handed. The parents of your Peru bride are not particularly interested in material goods, but they view gifts as little tokens of attention. Your gifts don’t need to be expensive, but they need to be thoughtful and memorable.
  • Mention their daughter will be in good hands. You can easily understand that having their daughter move abroad for her husband can be difficult for the Peruvian parents, so at least let them know she will have a good future with you.

Peruvian wedding customs and laws

In many ways, Peruvian weddings look like many other Catholic weddings you may have attended in your lifetime, but obviously they have their own exotic flavor and centuries-old traditions that are very important for the bride and her family. Here are the three most vital of them:

  • Tribute to the Pachamama. A few days before the ceremony, the bride and the groom, accompanied by a priest and a musical band, make a tribute to mother earth with singing and dancing to get a blessing and fortune from her.
  • Pallpa ceremony. On the wedding day, the bride and the groom will march to the music of a marching band, while their respective families will compete in the number and value of gifts they give to the newlyweds.
  • The hora loca. Peruvian weddings last at least 10 hours and run well past midnight. Around midnight, the music and the vibe of the room will change and everyone will go wild. This is known as the crazy hour and you will need to witness it yourself to get the complete idea about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Peruvian brides religious?

Peru itself is a rather religious country with most of the population identifying as Catholics. Catholicism is even taught in Peruvian schools. However, many young Peruvian women consider themselves Catholics and value the spiritual aspect of their lives, but they don’t let it overpower their ambitions or their desire to be loved.

Do Peruvian wives continue working after getting married?

Young women in Peru typically work prior to getting married since, in most cases, their families can hardly support their adult daughters financially. However, Peruvian brides are not as fond of working full-time as their American counterparts, and if a Peruvian wife never has to work again after getting married, she will happily accept her new position as a stay-at-home mother and wife.

How many children will my Peru wife want?

It is common for Latin American families to have multiple children, but the younger generation of women usually don’t want more than two or three kids. They understand that having lots of children is not only a source of constant joy, but can be straining for the family’s resources, which is why they prefer to have fewer kids but give them everything they can.