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Costa Rica is one of the most attractive Latin countries for tourists. The beautiful nature, the welcoming locals, and the delicious food are probably the top three reasons why you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay in Costa Rica. However, there is one more aspect of Costa Rica that thousands of men canโ€™t stop thinking about, and itโ€™s the beautiful and easy-going Costa Rican girls. Here is everything you need to know about Costa Rican women for marriage.

Why Are Costa Rican Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Costa Rican brides wouldnโ€™t have become such a force to be reckoned with if it wasnโ€™t for their many advantages, and these are the three most striking ones.

They are physically appealing

You cannot meet a Costa Rican mail order bride without noting how attractive she is. Costa Rican women are not too exotic by Western standards: their skin has a pleasant caramel color and their hair is often dark and straight. Costa Rican girls are not the curviest Latinas in the world, but they more than make up for it with their slim and toned figures, as well as their natural grace and femininity.

costa rican mail order bride

They are happy with what they have

Costa Rican women never put money at the top of their priority list. They want to have a nice life, but they donโ€™t need more than they actually require for a living. You will hardly find a Costa Rican bride who will first ask you what car you drive and how many bedrooms your home has, not who you are as a person or what you love to do in your spare time. At the same time, Costa Rican women are excellent motivators and can lead you to great things in life.

They live to love

In the life of a Costa Rican bride, love is the most important component. They are emotional and affectionate, and they easily fall in love. When a Costa Rican woman is in love, she wants to shout it from the rooftops. Nothing will make her happier than when her feelings are reciprocated. When you are in a relationship with a Costa Rican bride, you should never worry whether her feelings are sincere โ€” this kind of intense love can only be real.

What Are Costa Rican Wives Like?

You can have the time of your life when talking to a Costa Rican bride on the internet and then being in an offline relationship with her. However, being married to a Costa Rican bride reveals even more of her amazing qualities.

They enjoy taking care of their loved ones

The number one reason why Costa Rican women make such fantastic wives and mothers is that they are naturally caring and will not rest until their loved ones are happy. This includes everything, from maintaining your morals when you are going through a rough patch at work to spending an extra 30 minutes reading for the kids before sleep. And the best thing is that she doesnโ€™t expect anything but a nice attitude in return.

They are incomparable in the kitchen

From their early years, Costa Rican girls learn the art of cooking from the matriarchs in their families. Costa Rican cuisine is filled with fresh and delicious ingredients, but many Costa Rican families didnโ€™t have a lot to work with, so your Costa Rican wife will be equally good with cooking a modest but tasty meal with a minimum of ingredients and preparing a whole feast with the finest ingredients your family has to afford.

They will find ways to surprise you

Even if your Costa Rican bride has never been married, she intuitively understands that no marriage can survive when no one invests any effort into the relationship. Keeping the fire of passion alive will be one of the main objectives of your Costa Rican wife. We wonโ€™t disclose any of her potential tricks right away, but you should know that there is a look to look forward to when you are married to a fiery and inventive Costa Rican wife.

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Why Are Costa Rican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Life in Costa Rica can seem like a tropical paradise, but it only looks this way to an outside spectator. People living in Costa Rica donโ€™t have the best socioeconomic conditions, and itโ€™s particularly true for younger women. Part of the reason why the number of Costa Rican mail order brides continues to grow is that these young women simply want a better life for themselves and the children they will have in the future.

However, there is no denying the fact that they also do it out of love. Many Costa Rican brides fall in love with the image of a Western man by watching Western media or meeting tourists in their home city. Itโ€™s easy for a Costa Rican bride to fall in love with a man from a Western country, and when that happens, nothing will matter to her anymore and she will move with you no matter where you live.

The Guide on Marrying a Costa Rican Woman

Tips on dating a Costa Rican girl

A typical Costa Rican girl doesnโ€™t make it too difficult to be in a great relationship with her: she will not make any outlandish demands and will instead make sure you are comfortable with everything. Here is what you can do to make the relationship even better.

  • Take the lead in a relationship. Costa Rican women are powerful and ambitious, but in romantic relationships, they like to take a break and allow the man to take the reins in romance.
  • Show off your gentlemanly side. For Costa Rican brides, chivalry is not dead and they expect to see it at every step of the way. Even something as subtle as walking her home instead of sending her off in a taxi will play in your favor.
  • Learn about her culture. There is nothing Costa Rican women enjoy more than talking about their rich cultural background. Just imagine how much fun youโ€™ll two have when sheโ€™s educating you about her culture!
  • Try being straightforward. We understand that being around a beautiful woman can be intimidating, but if there is one thing Costa Rican women cannot stand, itโ€™s men playing coy. If you like or donโ€™t like something, itโ€™s best to talk about it right away.
  • Donโ€™t give her reasons to be jealous. Costa Rican girls are notorious for being jealous, and while a bit of jealousy can actually spice up a relationship, itโ€™s best not to give her any reasons to suspect your infidelity; otherwise, the consequences can be bad.
hot costa rican women

Meeting Costa Rican bride parents: 3 tips

Even if you donโ€™t have any experience with meeting the parents of your bride, or if the last time it happened was a decade ago, there is no need to worry โ€” the meeting will definitely be a success on its own, and here is what you can do to make it perfect.

  • Prepare to be informal. Costa Ricans, especially the older generations, are not the biggest fans of formalities. They will hug you and kiss you on a cheek from the moment they see you, and they will be somewhat alarmed if you behave formally around them.
  • Show interest in the family. Initially, you will probably only meet the mom and the dad, and sometimes the siblings of your Costa Rican bride. However, there are many more family members who will be happy to meet you, so show some initiative.
  • Donโ€™t arrive empty-handed. The Costa Rican parents of your bride are not looking forward to anything expensive from you as gifts, but they will be delighted if you bring something to the table or something nice for each of them.

Costa Rican wedding customs and laws

Weddings are an integral part of Costa Rican culture, and here are their 5 most important traditions.

  • A serenade for the bride. One day before the ceremony, you and sometimes your male friends will visit the brideโ€™s house to perform a lovely serenade for her.
  • No pompous weddings. Costa Ricans are not picky about their wedding location. A wedding at the backyard of the family home? Great. A beach wedding? Even better!
  • Plenty of good food. Food and alcohol belong to the biggest wedding expenses at a typical Costa Rican wedding. In most cases, the food will be cooked by the family and neighbors, but if you are really fancy, you can order catering.
  • The money dance. At the reception, the guests will take turns to dance with the newlyweds. The guests will have money pinned to their costumes, and this money will be put towards the family fund.
  • Partying until dawn. A Costa Rican wedding is not some gentle celebration that will end before 12 a.m. after the cake cutting ceremony. Costa Ricans party until the sun is rising and often continue celebrating on the second day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Costa Rican brides only doing it for the money?

Not at all! Itโ€™s true that Costa Rican mail order brides want to build a better life for themselves and their future kids, but at the end of the day, everything they do, they do for love. The love and passion your Costa Rican bride will have for you are impossible to fake and you should not waste time worrying about it.

Do Costa Rican wives usually continue working after the wedding?

If you have the financial ability to provide for your wife and your future children, and even support her immediate family, you can tell your Costa Rican wife she never needs to work again in her life. However, Costa Rican women are hard workers by nature, so sheโ€™d rather continue working part time or even occasionally just to make a contribution to the family budget.

What if we have completely different temperaments?

Costa Rican women are famously very passionate and have fiery characters, which is very exciting in a new relationship but can get tiring after a while. The good news is that as your relationship progresses, you will influence each other: you will learn how to express your emotions, and she will slightly tone down her temperament.