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Do you like exotic girls and are looking for serious relationships? A lady from Ecuador would make a perfect match for you! Learn more about these girls, find out why they are perfect for dating and marriage, and get some tips on where to find and how to date them!

What Are Ecuadorian Women Like?

Before you decide whether it is worth dating one of these exotic girls, learn more about their typical features. Here are the most common characteristics of Ecuadorian chicks.

Ecuadorian Girls Are Beautiful And Exotic

The appearance of these women is rather extraordinary. They can boast of several physical features that make them extremely attractive to foreign men who love exotics. These are, for example:

  • Perfect tan skin. Its specific shade looks great. And the fact that it is not prone to different flaws like premature aging signs or acne makes it even more beautiful.
  • Expressive eyes. These ladies have large eyes. Their look easily makes men fall in love at first sight. Moreover, many women from this country know that their eyes are their main strong point and additionally emphasize them with the help of eyeliners.
  • Sexy full lips. The majority of hot Ecuadorian girls have so luscious lips that men dream of kissing them.
  • Seductive body curves. For many ladies of this nationality, large breasts, wide hips, and big round buttocks are typical. Thousands of men find these features extremely attractive.

Ecuadorian Women Are Graceful And Talented

Pretty Ecuadorian girls attract men not only with their exotic beauty but also with the way they move. They have very graceful, plastic, and flexible bodies. Thanks to this, they do everything elegantly.

Moreover, many Ecuadorian brides have a knack for dancing. Their seductive moves leave no one indifferent.

Ecuadorian Girls Are Positive

Being optimistic is customary for the people of this country. They never lose heart and do their best to be in high spirits even despite some adversities. Furthermore, local ladies are fond of having fun. They like parties and celebrations. Also, they are always glad to socialize and never mind meeting new people, including foreigners.

Ecuadorian Women Are Honest

It is not typical of them to lie or pretend. They like being straightforward and natural. Thanks to the fact that they always express their feelings and attitudes frankly, it is nice to communicate and develop relationships with them.

Ecuadorian Girls Are Faithful

These women are family-oriented and devoted. Once they fall in love, they keep being loyal to their life partners for many years. This makes them perfect for men who are looking for serious relationships with the aim of starting a family in the future.

Ecuadorian Women Are Romantic And Passionate

Beautiful Ecuadorian girls are quite sentimental and sensual. They are fond of romantic things and are very affectionate towards their boyfriends. Thanks to this, it is great luck and a true pleasure to have girlfriends of this nationality.

Do Ecuadorian Women Make Good Wives?

If you are aiming for serious relationships, you need to know whether the girls of this nationality make good spouses before you decide whether it is worth dating one of them. Here are the main features of Ecuadorian wives. They are typical for the majority of married women from this country because they are caused by the peculiarities of their native mentality.

Ecuadorian Wives Cherish Their Families Very Much

Family ties are extremely appreciated and worshiped in this country. So, family always comes first for women in Ecuador. Sometimes, they even put the families’ interests above their own ones.

Ecuadorian Wives Are Loyal And Devoted

These women are very conscientious when it comes to responsibilities related to the family. They devote as much time and effort to them as possible.

Also, they always keep being faithful to their husbands both in good and in difficult times. These ladies are very passionate, but they are not inclined to adultery, because they consider it to be a betrayal. And their conscience will never allow them to betray their family.

Ecuadorian Wives Respect Their Parents-in Law

Respect for elder relatives is a typical feature of the national mindset of Ecuadorians. Therefore, women from this country always treat their in-laws well and are always glad to welcome them to a family dinner.

Ecuadorian Wives Adore Their Children

These ladies love their kids even more than their own lives. They do whatever it takes to ensure the well-being and comfort of their children.

What Kind of Men Do Ecuadorian Brides Like?

A man doesn’t have to be a prince to win the heart of an Ecuadorian woman. These ladies do not judge people by their age, appearance, nationality, or social status. All they pay attention to is character and inner world.

Ecuadorian brides believe that their future husbands must have the qualities that will help them be reliable life partners and successful heads of their families. Here are the main three of them.


Women from this country are faithful and devoted. And they expect their husbands to be the same. They dream of loyal life partners who will never cheat on them, will always support them, and will never leave them in trouble.


This is essential because good manners are appreciated in this country very much. This is especially about the attitude to elders. Ecuadorian women want their future husbands to always respect their parents and other senior relatives.


A man has to be decisive and purposeful to win the heart of a lady from Ecuador. This is because traditional family values play a significant role for people from this country. And local women expect their husbands to be the heads of their families. This means that they will have to make all vital decisions and solve all possible problems on their own. And these features are indispensable for doing this.

Where to Meet Ecuadorian Girls Offline?

ecuadorian girl

Those who are fond of traveling and exploring new exotic places can meet Ecuadorian brides in their native country. The best choice is to go to a big city where the range of Ecuadorian singles is the widest. There are only two very big cities with more than a million inhabitants in this country. They are:

  • San Francisco de Quito β€” the capital of Ecuador with about 1,4 million citizens.
  • Guayaquil β€” the most populated city in this country with almost 2 million inhabitants.

You can meet local girls at parks, malls, nightclubs, and concerts. Here are the best places to see beautiful ladies and try to get acquainted with them there.

Where exactly to go to meet Ecuadorian girls

San Francisco de QuitoSan Francisco de Tanda Park, Todos Unidos, Metropolitano GuangΓΌiltagua, La Carolina.El Portal Shopping, Paseo San Francisco, Plaza Las AmΓ©ricas.Casa Blanca, Mal Santiguado, Old Time’s Disco.
GuayaquilSeminario, Samanes, Forestal Park, Atarazana, Merced Park, La Victoria Park.Mall del Sol, San Marino Shopping, Mall del Sur, City Mall.Odisea Romana, The Salome, Royal 07, Bunker Discotec, Venus. 

Where to Meet Ecuadorian Women Online?

There are specialized places to meet Ecuadorian women for marriage on the Web. Online international marriage agencies function specifically for uniting the hearts of Western men and exotic girls.

Numerous Ecuadorian mail order brides are looking for their foreign husbands there. Moreover, trustworthy international dating sites ensure safety and comfort of their members by verifying all new users and offering professional help at every stage of a long-distance relationship.

5 Tips on Dating Ecuadorian Girls

If you have already decided that you would like to start dating an Ecuadorian girl, read some advice on how to do this before you start acting. The following recommendations will help you win the heart of a lady from this country:

  1. Never forget about your beloved girl. Ecuadorian women are very romantic and affectionate. They want to feel loved every minute of their lives. Therefore, keep in touch with your new exotic girlfriend constantly. Never stop writing to her and calling her for her not to feel alone without you.
  2. Be positive and show your sense of humor. Girls from this country are positive and cheerful. Having fun together will help you be on the same page.
  3. Feel free to express your feelings. It is not customary for Ecuadorians to hide them. If you don’t tell about your feelings, a lady may conclude that you don’t love her.
  4. Prove that you can make a reliable head of the family in the future. Women of this nationality consider their boyfriends to be the future heads of the family. So, you should prove that you are responsible, decisive, and purposeful. For this, support your lady when she is in trouble and help her every time she asks for this.
  5. Ingratiate with her family. This is a crucial step because parents’ opinion is essential for Ecuadorian brides. They never marry men whom their family doesn’t like.


How Are Responsibilities Shared in Ecuadorian Families?

In this country, traditional family values still play an important role. Therefore, the man is responsible for earning money, while the woman is in charge of household chores and child-rearing.

How Many Children Are There Typically in Ecuadorian Families?

Urban families usually have 2 kids, while rural families often have more of them.

What Is the Average Age of Ecuadorian Brides?

Ecuadorian brides are, on average, 20-24 years old when they get married.