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Haiti is one of the most polarizing countries in Latin America. On one hand, it is widely known for its beautiful nature, historical landmarks, and cheerful Haitian natives. On the other hand, Haiti is not the most economically and socially flourishing country, and things were made worse by the 2010 earthquake. Still, Haiti is one of the most popular places in Latin America for foreign bachelors to look for wives. Our guide to Haitian women for marriage will answer every question you may have about Haitian mail order brides.

Why Are Haitian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with a Haitian lady to understand why Haitian mail order brides are so popular among foreign men. These are just three of their most striking qualities.

They are naturally gorgeous

The appearance of a typical Haitian bride is very hard to describe simply because these women look incredibly diverse. The shared feature of Haitian girls is their silky chocolate-colored skin, but their facial features and hair can be very different. Haitian women are also big believers in natural beauty and you will hardly find a Haitian bride who doesn’t leave the house without a thick layer of makeup, let alone dabble in cosmetic surgery. When you see a Haitian bride, you can rest assured she will look as gorgeous right after waking up as she does on a date with you.

They are resilient and optimistic

Life in Haiti has its hardships, but Haitian women don’t allow these hardships to break them. Instead, a Haitian woman grows stronger with every new challenge she needs to overcome. As a result, Haitian brides are not afraid of any obstacles in their lives and will do everything to protect their loved ones. Growing up and spending their formative years in a troubled country also taught Haitian mail order brides how to maintain a cheerful outlook and always hope that better things will come.

They give their all to romance

No matter what a typical Haitian woman has had to go through and how many obstacles she has had to overcome, she never loses her belief in true love. When a Haitian bride chooses her future husband, she doesn’t do it for some practical or materialistic reasons. The only way for a Haitian woman to choose her life partner is to genuinely fall in love with him. A Haitian bride in love is someone who will do anything for her partner and will accept him just the way he is.

What Are Haitian Wives Like?

You will undoubtedly enjoy the beginning of your romance with a Haitian bride, but these women save the best for last, which means you can experience some of their best qualities only after you get a Haitian wife.

They value family

To a Haitian woman, there is nothing more important than family. Everything she does, she does it for the sake of her loved ones. At first, your family will include just the two of you, but it won’t be long until your Haitian wife will say she is ready to have your children. And when a Haitian woman becomes a mother, you will see a completely different side of her β€” it’s hard to find a more caring, unconditionally loving, and affectionate mother for your kids than a Haitian wife.

They are willing to go the extra mile

A Haitian wife will not rest until her family is completely happy and satisfied. Even if it requires her to change her plans or upend her life, she is willing to do it if she is convinced that it is necessary for her loved ones. You can see it in both mundane situations, where a Haitian woman will drop by your lunch at your work if you’ve forgotten it in the morning, and in the most major life moments where the stakes are much higher.

They will make you fall back in love with home cooking

If you’ve been single for a long time and don’t usually have the opportunity to spend hours in the kitchen, you may be now used to eating delivery or frozen meals several times a day. Luckily, this will change once you start living with your Haitian wife. These women are so passionate about cooking and are so talented at cooking scrumptious meals from a limited set of ingredients that you will start to appreciate home cooking like never before and will never want to look back.

Why Are Haitian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are many things that unite Haitian mail order brides with other international brides who are looking for love online, and one of them is their reasoning behind becoming mail order brides. In the case of Haitian brides, there are two reasons why they decide to do it:

  • They know that there are more opportunities to build a better life overseas than in their home country. Even though leaving Haiti for good is not an easy decision for them, they are willing to take the risk to see what else is out there.
  • Haitian women rightfully believe that they deserve to be treated better than their native men typically treat them. Their interest in foreign men is partially explained by their belief that foreign men generally treat women with more love and respect.

The Guide on Marrying a Haitian Woman

Tips on dating a Haitian girl

The women of Haiti are famously easy to date and even if you don’t have a lot of romantic experience, a Haitian girl will still make you feel comfortable and confident. This is what you can do if you want your relationship to be truly great.

  • Become the leader in the relationship. Haitian women enjoy it when men take their opinion into account when making decisions, but they are not used to assuming the position of a leader in a relationship.
  • Show your serious intentions. If you are not ready to settle down yet and are simply looking for a fling, you should not even consider wasting the time of a Haitian bride. These women are only aiming for serious relationships and marriage.
  • Express interest in her culture. It can take you years to get the hang of Haitian culture and language, but your Haitian mail order bride will be delighted if you show a genuine interest in her background.
  • Immerse yourself in her social circle. The best way to understand the Haitian way of living and help your relationship flourish is to volunteer to get included in your Haitian bride’s circle of friends. If you make a good impression on them, she will like you even more.
  • Make nice gestures. Haitian women are not particularly used to being treated well by native men and there are not a lot of Haitian guys who are willing to do great gestures to make their women feel great. This is how you can make yourself stand out!

Meeting Haitian bride parents: 3 tips

Parents are the two most important people in the life of a Haitian bride next to her partner, so if you actively plan to marry a Haitian woman, you will need to meet her parents first. Here is how to make the first meeting an absolute success.

  • Prepare for a warm welcome. Haitian parents are some of the most informal people you will ever meet. There will be hugging, kissing, laughing, and by the end of the day, you should feel like you have known these people for ages.
  • Bring thoughtful gifts. In Haitian culture, gifts are not a symbol of your wealth, so there is no need to spend thousands on your presents to the parents of your Haitian bride. Instead, consult with her to bring something that her parents can truly appreciate.
  • Be ready for a serious discussion. Your meeting with the Haitian parents of your brides will be very positive and fun, but there will be a serious moment when you discuss the bride’s future. You need to emphasize the fact that you are prepared to take good care of the bride and that she will be in good hands with you.

Haitian wedding customs and laws

Haiti is a deeply religious state, but local people also know how to have fun. That is why a typical Haitian wedding is a unique mix of traditions, religion, and trends. Here are the three most important Haitian wedding traditions to know about.

  • The wedding will last for the whole day. The first part of the wedding is the religious ceremony, which can last up to three hours since there will be a lot of religious singing and sermons. Then comes the reception, where the guests will party all night long with no signs of getting tired.
  • No cash gifts. Cash gifts may be a norm in most parts of the world, but in many Haitian families, they are considered distasteful and even lazy. You can create a wedding registry, but a lot of your guests will probably ignore it and bring gifts they personally chose for your couple.
  • The wedding cake is not eaten at the wedding. Unlike most US and European weddings, a Haiti wedding reception does not culminate in a cake cutting ceremony. Instead, the cake will be enjoyed one or two days after the wedding at the bride’s family home with the closest guests in attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Haitian brides overly religious?

Religion plays a very important role in the life of a typical Haitian bride. Nearly 100% of people in Haiti consider themselves religious with about ΒΎ of the population being Roman Catholics and ΒΌ belonging to Protestants. Your Haitian bride will definitely be religious, but she won’t allow spirituality to overshadow other aspects of her life and personality.

How many children do Haitian women typically want?

Many Haitian girls grow up in families with multiple children. On one hand, this experience allows them to learn the basics of childcare and treat the little ones the right way. On the other hand, a Haitian bride from a multiple-child household also understands that the more children a family has, the more challenging life can be. That is why most Haitian mail order brides prefer to have no more than three kids.

Is it difficult for Haitian brides to get used to living in a big city?

If there is one good thing that came from all the troubles in Haiti, it’s teaching local women how to quickly adapt to new living conditions. Haitian brides are flexible and resilient; even a Haitian bride has never lived in a big city before, she will quickly get used to the new way of living when she moves to your country as your loving wife.